HB23: Andrew Perederiy

If I know anything, it’s that everybody likes you when you’re Hauntingly Beautiful Episode 23, so this episode with digital marketing entrepreneur Andrew Perederiy will be your favorite so far!

HB22: Troy Koch

Get your portal guns ready because we’re going interdimensional in Hauntingly Beautiful Episode 22 with Troy Koch, alien enthusiast. To open the episode, Troy talks about his somewhat stressful, two-part apprenticeship before becoming a happy, full-time artist at Midtown Tattoo.

TIB21: RIP Woody the Dog

In Episode 21 of The In Between I pay tribute to my best dog friend, Woody aka Dr. Woodithin T. Dog, as he moves on to his next venture in the afterlife. Woody was my first, and only dog friend so his passing really hit hard, but the memories I have of him will forever be cherished!

HB21: Eric Lewis

I hope you didn't forget to BYOB for Hauntingly Beautiful’s 21st birthday, featuring Pennsylvania’s Strongest Man, Eric Lewis. “Baby Bear” opens the episode talking about his most recent competitions, including the one that earned him his title in Lancaster, PA.

TIB20: Axe Murder Hollow

Bloody Mary, waking up in a bathtub full of ice missing a kidney, the vanishing hitchhiker...these are all urban legends still being told to this day, but what about the most important one you've never heard of!?

HB20: Todd Bailey

Hauntingly Beautiful Episode 20 welcomes my longtime friend, Todd Bailey, aka Pol-skeet-skeet! Todd is a photo journalist, originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, but currently residing in the “deep south” of Austin, Texas.

HB18: CEE Brown Returns

Episode 18 brings the return of hip-hop artist CEE Brown. This week we recap his recent successes as of September 2018, including the release of his EP “The Evaluation.” We discuss the darker side of his music and how it feels to produce really personal art for the public to consume.