Alternative Artistic Couple Andrew and Victoria DeSanctis (HB24) FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW

Episode 24 of the Hauntingly Beautiful Podcast is a double feature! Where has the time gone? My guests, Andrew and Victoria DeSanctis open the episode by discussing this very topic. This artistic power couple has been together for nine years and married for over two.

RIP Woody the Dog (TIB21) AUDIO

In Episode 21 of The In Between I pay tribute to my best dog friend, Woody aka Dr. Woodithin T. Dog, as he moves on to his next venture in the afterlife. Woody was my first, and only dog friend so his passing really hit hard, but the memories I have of him will forever be cherished!

2018 In Review (TIB17) AUDIO

As 2018 was coming to an end I reflect upon this past year to talk about my biggest takeaway from the year! A HUGE thank you goes out to all of the amazing guests I've had the pleasure of chatting with this past year and of course to YOU the listeners! Peace sign 2018, its been real!