RIP Woody the Dog (TIB21) AUDIO

In Episode 21 of The In Between I pay tribute to my best dog friend, Woody aka Dr. Woodithin T. Dog, as he moves on to his next venture in the afterlife. Woody was my first, and only dog friend so his passing really hit hard, but the memories I have of him will forever be cherished! Pour some water out for a fallen dog homie and make sure to give your animal friends some love today! Loving the show? Of course you are and I want to hear about it! Make sure to leave some love, or some hate if you want to be that person, at any of the following! Instagram: hauntinglybeautifulpodcast Facebook: HauntinglyBeautifulPodcast Email: It would also be quite excellent if you could please rate, review, subscribe, or all of the above for Hauntingly Beautiful!!!