Photo Journalist Todd Bailey (HB20) AUDIO

Hauntingly Beautiful Episode 20 welcomes my longtime friend, Todd Bailey, aka Pol-skeet-skeet! Todd is a photo journalist, originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, but currently residing in the “deep south” of Austin, Texas. We open the episode discussing the motivational support we have provided for one another from the beginning and even now that we are 1,500 miles apart. We explore how Todd became interested in working in news rather than in software engineering, and how he got his first job in the field. After we contemplate when a trusty Pennsylvania beer might finally reach Austin, Todd explains some of the expenses involved in filming, the differences between local and national news, and what lengths he must go to cover a story adequately. We talk about how draining and rewarding it can be to carry the responsibility of providing the general public with reliable information and how difficult it can be to cover stories involving tragedies like accidents and murders. Finally, we wrap up the episode by discussing our almost-band, and what we think you should take from our experiences to motivate you! . Have any questions about photo journalism or Todd’s life experiences? He wants to talk to you! Reach out to him via the social media platforms below: Facebook: Todd Bailey Instagram: thetoddmanout Twitter: thetoddmanout Loving the show? I want to hear about it! Make sure to leave some love, or some hate if you want to be that person, at any of the following: Instagram: hauntinglybeautifulpodcast Facebook: HauntinglyBeautifulPodcast Email: Please rate, review, and subscribe to Hauntingly Beautiful so we can keep delivering the content you want to hear!!