Motorcross Racer Doug Baker (HB19) AUDIO

As we are approaching the end of Hauntingly Beautiful’s teenage years, we welcome Doug Baker for Episode 19! Although we start this episode bonding over our fond memories of the former local skatepark “Shebang,” our friendship started much more recently with my filming of the documentary of his life thus far, “The Perfect Storm.” Doug’s life has had as many ups and downs as a motocross track, many developing from his interest in, you guessed it, motocross. We explore the weighted decisions he was forced to make at a young age, his resilience during a lifechanging accident involving his father, and his growth despite, and maybe as a result of, a couple major accidents of his own. Finally, we discuss the importance of inner strength and appreciating the little things (and people) in life as Doug explains how his last accident changed the way he ultimately plans to live his life. Have any questions about motocross or Doug’s life experiences? He wants to talk to you! Reach out to him via the social media platforms below: Facebook: Doug Baker Instagram: dougbaker15 Snapchat: dougie_baker Additionally, make sure you’re following posts by Death Dealer Productions on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with updates on “The Perfect Storm” documentary. Loving the show? I want to hear about it! Make sure to leave some love, or some hate if you want to be that person, at any of the following: Instagram: hauntinglybeautifulpodcast Facebook: HauntinglyBeautifulPodcast Email: Please rate, review, and subscribe to Hauntingly Beautiful so we can keep delivering the content you want to hear!!!