Alien Enthusiast/Tattoo Artist Troy Koch (HB22) FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW

Get your portal guns ready because we’re going interdimensional in Hauntingly Beautiful Episode 22 with Troy Koch, alien enthusiast. To open the episode, Troy talks about his somewhat stressful, two-part apprenticeship before becoming a happy, full-time artist at Midtown Tattoo. Next, Troy defines his diverse personal tattooing style, neo-traditionalism. Finally, we wander much further down the eerie rabbit hole as Troy walks us though his experience witnessing two UFOs, and what he thinks could have developed from his encounter with aliens. Want to talk about your otherworldly experiences (or his) with Troy? Need a neo-traditional flying saucer tattooed across your chest? Reach him through the social media platforms below: Facebook: Troy Koch Instagram: tkoch_tattoos Loving the show? I want to hear about it! Make sure to leave some love, or some hate if you want to be that person, at any of the following: Instagram: hauntinglybeautifulpodcast Facebook: HauntinglyBeautifulPodcast Email: Please rate, review, and subscribe to Hauntingly Beautiful so we can keep delivering the content you want to hear!