Hauntingly Beautiful Episode 7: Amavaysa LIVE NOW!

Ladies and Djentalmen I present to you Episode #7 of HB with Zack, Zak, and Barry of the heavy hitting prog metal band Amavasya! To say that I'm obsessed with this band would be an understatement, easily my favorite local band and a band that has what it takes to be the next household name in metal! Unfortunately since the time of this recording lead singer Barry has stepped down from the band, but alas the conversation we had is a fun one and I wish nothing but the best for Barry in his future endeavors! Guitarists Zack Krahe and Zak Thundercloud have very skillfully ripped off Djent titans Born of Osiris and Veil of Maya, just kidding guys, to create some of the most compelling metal music that I've heard in a long time! Some of the topics we touch upon include

-never before known knowledge of how the band came fruition

-the impact their music has on their biggest supporter and how their biggest supporter impacts the band #keepmovingforward

-having thick skin for critiques and not hanging yourself in a Motel 6

-their upcoming new album

-Jesse Leech vs. Howard Jones for best Killswitch Engage vocalist

Crank this one up to 11 and prepared to get your face melted off from the boys in Amavasya!
Here is the link to the episode for your listening pleasure! http://hauntinglybeautifulpodcast.libsyn.com/episode-7-amavaysa
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Two songs to get you up off your feet and into the pit!

"Clarity" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL3yfaWe45Y

Their newest single "Weight of a Heart" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-p7x_JJp2E

NOW do yourself a HUGE favor and pick up Amavasya's debut album "Fruition" via the Itunes store!


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Intro music by Sonny Lombardozzi

Outro music by Tom Morrison